• Business minded and results oriented

    “Barton has business people trained as lawyers. They understand how to get a deal done.”
    -Dave McTague, former CEO Cole Haan

  • Setting a standard above and beyond

    “Barton is in the top tier of firms we employ.”
    -Managing Director, GCP Capital Partners, LLC

  • Responsive and efficient

    “Barton is there when I need them to get the job done, on time and on budget. They are my go to firm in the USA.”
    -Nick True, Chairman, TLC Marketing Worldwide, London

Recent News

Barton Leads the Trend in Securing BigLaw Partners Making Lateral Moves

Law360 touted Barton LLP as a draw for BigLaw partners who are interested in making a move to a firm that offers a more dexterous and desirable platform to practice law. “…there is a current trend in BigLaw for partners in certain practice areas and with particular clients to opt to make a lateral move …

Barton LLP Nationally Recognized As One Of 10 Firms Giving BigLaw A Run For Its Money

Law360 featured Barton as one of “10 boutiques that have established brands on par with the biggest of firms” who are “capable of competing with – and beating – the best big firms at the highest level.” The article cites a growing trend among law firm boutiques that “encroach on big firms’ territory by blending …


Barton Invites You to Participate in a Live CLE Webinar, “Equity Rollovers in M&A: Bridging the Finance and Valuation Gap,” Featuring Partner George H. Wang

Barton invites you to hear partner George H. Wang speak in an upcoming live webinar “Equity Rollovers in M&A: Bridging the Finance and Valuation Gap,” hosted by Strafford Publications on Thursday, September 20th from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EDT. This will be the fourth consecutive year in which George has presented on this topic. …


Managing Partner Roger E. Barton to Moderate an all In-House Counsel Panel, “Setting Up International Governance,” at the 2018 Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas

Roger E. Barton will guide the discussion among an international panel of in-house counsel about the challenges of doing business abroad as it relates to translating corporate governance principles established in one jurisdiction and applying them overseas, at the 2018 ACC Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, scheduled for October 22nd. Topics addressed include: risk mitigation …

Maurice Ross Quoted in Daily News Article Entitled, “’I’ll Kill You!’ Rival NYC Tour Bus Companies in Cutthroat Competition,” on Behalf of Barton Client TopView

Partner Maurice Ross explained why the public interest and the health of the tour bus industry requires that Gray Line be ordered by the Court to take immediate action to assure that its ticket agents cease their improper conduct on the streets of Manhattan, and why the Federal District Court should require the parties to …